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11/8/2014 9:47 PM

Ohio Basset Hound Rescue. Inc

Ohio Basset Hound Rescue (OBHR) is an all volunteer organization dedicated to helping the homeless hounds of Ohio. We are a 501c3 non-profit rescue and our funds come solely through donations and fundraisers.

The OBHR volunteer network spans the four corners of Ohio.  We do not have a shelter of  own, our "shelter" exists through our foster families that open their homes and hearts to homeless dogs in need.

Where do OBHR hounds come from? Many places! We take in bassets that kind hearted people find as strays and cannot find their owners, from local shelters to keep them from being put down, and from hoarding situations and back yard breeders. Some of our bassets have been found wandering in the woods and even on busy streets! We take in bassets that are healthy, sick, neglected and abused. We will not turn away a basset because of a medical condition.

Once a basset is part of OBHR it is fully vetted. The dogs are given all vaccinations (including bordatella, rabies, and distemper series combonation).   They are tested and treated for heart worm and placed on a monthly preventative.  They are spayed or neutered, micro chipped, and given any other needed medical treatment. 

These hounds are then placed in foster care, so long as there is a foster home open and ready to take them in. OBHR foster families have very big hearts and are often working very hard day after day to provide a "finishing school" for these hounds. These homeless hounds remain in foster care or a boarding kennel (if a foster home is unavailable) until a forever home can be found for them.   

This is just a part of what Ohio Basset Hound Rescue is all about! We have many volunteers who tirelessly devote their own time, energy and money into helping our hounds. We have volunteers who work hours at a time at fundraisers trying to raise money to support our hounds. Volunteers who will at a moments notice drop what they are doing to go transport a dog when we get a call about a hound in need. Volunteers who make phone calls with vets, landlords and potential adopters. The emails and phone calls sometimes never seem to end, but we have wonderful folks always willing to step up to help our homeless hounds find the forever homes that they deserve!

Thank you for checking out Ohio Basset Hound Rescue!