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Brookville, Oh 45309
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11/8/2014 9:47 PM

OBHR Wish List!


Leashes and Collars!

All of our adopted dogs go home with a leash and a collar until their new owners provide a new one of their own! We can always use donations of these items to use on new dogs as they come in! You can either purchase these items and directly mail them to us at our PO Box, or order online and have them mailed to us! Remember if you use Amazon, please shop at Amazon smile on the web or app and select Ohio Basset Hound Rescue as your charity!


Ohio Basset Hound Rescue

PO Box 413

Brookville, OH 45309



Monetary donations!

There are many other items we can use to help us keep helping the hounds, like Heartworm Prevention and Flea and Tick prevention. But those item we can only purchase from our vets. If you would like to make a monetary donation to help us offset these vet items please either click the PayPal Link on the top of the page or mail us a check to Ohio Basset Hound Rescue at the PO box listed above! Thank you!! 



Auction Items!

We hold several fundraisers a year that we can always use Basset/dog related items to auction or raffle off! 

We usually always have a spring and Christmas online auction on facebook and our yearly big fundraiser in person Bassetfest! 

If you have any items you would like to donate for us that are in good enough of a condition to auction off to others, or if you would like to buy something new online, you can either mail/have them mailed to us, or if they are large please email us and we can see if we have a volunteer close to you who can pick the item up and hold on to it until we get a dog transport going through their area and they can bring it back to us! 

Please mail any such items to the PO box listed above or contact us at ohbassetrescue@yahoo.com



We have been asked in the past if folks can make donations to us of items such as dog beds, blankets and towels. Whereas we appreciate the thought, because we are not set up as a shelter, we cannot use such items. Our dogs are either in foster homes, or boarded at our vet.  


If you have such items please consider your local animal shelter or even your personal vet to see if they can use them. Many vets will take towels and blankets to use on the dogs they keep during the day for surgeries and medical procedures. 


Thank you!!!