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11/8/2014 9:47 PM

Relinquishing a Basset or Basset Mix to OBHR



We understand that sometimes folks come to a point in their lives that for whatever reason they need to re-home their basset hound. This is a very hard and personal choice that we know you do not take lightly. We appreciate that you are looking to our rescue for help during this trying time and we know that you are looking out for the best interest of your dog.






Why relinquish to a rescue rather than rehome yourself?


There is no cost to relinquish your dog to us.

We will fully vet your dog at our expense through monies raised by donations and fundraising. This includes shots, spay or neuter, and treating any ear infections, dental issues, heart worm, or necessary tumor removal.

Our approved adopters must meet a certain criteria in order to adopt from us and if an interested adopter is NOT a good fit for a dog that interests them, they are passed over until a good fit is found.

We do our best to place our dogs into a successful home and if for some reason it does not work out, we will take them back.


How to Relinquish to OBHR

Please send us an email! ohbassetrescue@yahoo.com

As we are all volunteers with full time jobs we cannot always take calls at any time during the day, but we do have several people checking our email. Please check your email as we will answer you as soon as we can if we are not able to call you back.

To help speed up the process please provide the following info in your email:

Your name, phone number and location.

Dog's name and we MUST have a photo of your dog.

Dog's age, any current vetting, and why you are relinquishing. This info is to help us understand why he or she needs to be rehomed and if there is a future home situation we need to avoid.

Does your basset get along with other dogs? With cats? With kids?

Any aggression issues to people or around food?

Any health issues and is your dog house broken? 

Finally, knowing we operate WITHOUT A PHYSICAL LOCATION and must secure a FOSTER HOME are you able to help bring your dog to a foster or will you need our volunteers to help us set up a transport for your dog? Please note this is not an overnight process and we will need to operate normally on weekends when our volunteers are off work. 

This info will all help us understand how we need to place him or her in a new home, as well as help us know if we can skip a trip to our vet and go directly into a foster home.

Once we confirm that we can help you and take your dog into OBHR please also be considerate of that fact that all of the folks who help you along the way, our director, transport coordinator, transporters, fosters....we are all volunteers. We all work and families of our own so please be considerate! Please communicate with us as necessary and do not stand us up. 


Thank you for trusting us with finding a new home for your baby! We will also be happy to update you if you would like along the way on your dog's status until he or she is in a new home.